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photographed coins


June 5, 2009. - This site opens. A welcome to all those of you who came here via the now-defunct Many of the pictures shown there were from my early days of shooting coins, and I'm not very proud of some of those any more.


What is this site about? I enjoy photographing coins. There's nothing more alluring to a coin collector than seeing a 100+ year old coin in hand. While a well-composed coin photo is not the same as holding the coin in the palm of your hand, if the photograph "pops" the results can be breathtaking!

Coin photographs can serve any number of purposes:

The goal of any aspiring coin photographer should be to convey as accurate an image of the coin as possible. Aspects of the photo include detail, color, surfaces, and lustre. That means warts and all. If the coin has flaws, the ideal photo should show them as they are in hand. While you always want to portray the coin in as flattering a light as possible, one should not deliberately attempt to "hide" flaws, especially if the pictures are to be used to sell the coin. Better to underpromise and overdeliver, thus creating a pleasantly surprised buyer, than the opposite. You don't need to accentuate the flaws, just be as realistic as possible. Airbrushing the flaws is right out.

What can be found here? The largest portion of this site is a photo gallery of coins that I have personally photographed. I also give detailed information on purchasing my coin photography services.

Enjoy! -Dan

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