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I am more than happy to shoot your coins for you, for a nominal fee. There are two ways we can do this:


Short Version: You ship the coins, I shoot them, I send them back.

Long Version: You ship the coins, fully insured, to me. I shoot them and provide proof images online for you to approve. I then place the images on a CD or DVD and send it back with the coins. You can send payment by check or money order with the coins.

What You Get:

  1. Original high-resolution images straight from the camera
  2. High-resolution images that are cropped, tweaked and masked (to black or a color of your choice; black is really the best as it does not "shift" the apparent color of the coin), one for each face of the coin
  3. Same as #2, but sized to 800 pixels square (or a size of your choice). These are the images you will see online as proofs, and the images you will most likely use on a regular basis or on eBay, etc. You will most likely only ever use the other images for archival or research purposes, but they are yours in the event you wish to create new masked or composite images.

How Long It Takes: It will vary, depending on how many coins you send me. Depending on what my workload is, assume 1-2 weeks for the shooting and electronic image manipulation, i.e, exclusive of any time in transit.

What It Costs: $11 per coin plus return shipping and insurance costs. You set the total value of your parcel for which it should be insured.

These are shots of the coin only, as seen on this site. If you want shots of the full slab, front and back, those are an additional $6 per coin.


Short Version: I come to you. I shoot your coins. I go home.

Long Version: Some people may feel uncomfortable letting their coins out of their possession. If you live within the Chicago - Indianapolis - St. Louis triangle, I can come to your location and do the photography onsite. I bring all of my equipment (and there's quite a bit of it). You must have a room to work in where the lighting can be fully controlled, i.e, complete darkness with no ambient light leaking in. If you do not have a room like that on your premises, we can investigate local hotel facilities.

What You Get: The same as above, but with a few logistical differences. Due to time and travel constraints, you'll only see proofs on representative examples onsite (usually the most challenging pieces). I will do the majority of the computer work after the fact once I return home, provide you the proofs of all coins online, and then send you a CD/DVD with all of the images.

What It Costs: $15 per coin + all travel expenses (food, lodging, mileage). The decision to take on a travel shoot is solely at my discretion (it's not worth my time to travel to shoot only 10-20 coins), especially if it requires my taking time off my day job. A 25% nonrefundable deposit will be required in order to book dates.

Depending on your location, the number of coins involved, and the compensation, I may be persuaded to travel outside of the Chicago - Indianapolis - St. Louis area.


Please email me if you have any questions or to arrange for coin photography. Thanks!

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